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Frenzel Baudisch Ricardo

German Voice Actor from ,

Agency Managed VIA

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Young Adult
Audiobook, Audioguide, Cartoon, Commercial, Corporate-Video, Documentary, Dubbing, Elearning, Explainer-Video, Jingle, Moderation, Singing, Telephone / IVR, Video-Game
This artist choosed to get managed by our agency service. To hire this voice actor ether create a project and invite this artist on your own or get in touch with our support to hire this artist and studio-service.

Voice Samples


Alternative Voices

VOID48689 Alexa
German, Portugal, Portuguese

Play Doh
Phillips Commercial
Swisscanto Corporate-Video
Compilation Commercial

VOID49001 Martin
German, Germany

Microsoft Elearning
Archicad Elearning, Explainer-Video
Müller AG, Volkswagen AG Corporate-Video, Voice-Over

VOID5964 Celina
German, Germany

VOID5965 Celine
German, Germany

VOID5981 Christian
German, Germany

VOID5983 Christian
German, Germany

VOID5988 Christian
German, Germany

VOID5994 Christian
German, Germany

VOID6002 Christiane
German, Germany

VOID6009 Christoph
German, Germany

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