Santiago Maurig

Argentina, Latin America, Spanish Voice Actor – CABA, Argentina

Voice Details

Child, Teenager, Young Adult, treinta arriba
Audiobook, Audioguide, Cartoon, Commercial, Corporate-Video, Documentary, Dubbing, Elearning, Explainer-Video, Jingle, Moderation, Museum Guide, Other, Singing, Telephone / IVR, Trickvoice, Video-Game, Voice-Over


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+49 30 555 75978
+49 30 555 75978


homestudio, external studio

Voice Samples

Elearning for
Other for
Dubbing for Cinema, Disney, Netflix
Documentary for Discovery Channel
Singing for Disney, Internet
Cartoon for Disney, Internet, Netflix
Commercial for IgoLuxe, PayPal, Universal Assistance, VetFleet
Audioguide for Yoga School
Telephone / IVR for
Explainer-Video for Company


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