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Toufic Chehab

English Voice Actor from Beirut, Lebanon

Agency Managed VIA

Voice Details

This artist choosed to get managed by our agency service. To hire this voice actor ether create a project and invite this artist on your own or get in touch with our support to hire this artist and studio-service.

Voice Samples

Commercial for Sanita
Elearning for Boffin language
Commercial for Huawei
Video-Game for UBISOFT
Telephone / IVR for Saudi company

Alternative Voices

VOID47620 Garth
Canada, English, United States of America (USA) Homestudio Ext. Studio

Movie Trailers, BMW, Microsoft, Xerox, ESPN Commercial, Corporate-Video, Documentary
Juliet Marine, Panasonic, Xerox, Commercial, Corporate-Video, Documentary
 Commercial, Documentary, Voice-Over
Planet Earth Commercial
 Documentary, Moderation, Voice-Over
Microsoft, Robotic Surgery, Cray Super Computers, Texas Medical Center Corporate-Video, Elearning, Explainer-Video

VOID1903 Caryn

VOID946 Catherine
English, United Kingdom (UK)

VOID1904 Celia

VOID1906 Cenophia

VOID1909 Chad

VOID1912 Charles

VOID3054 Charles

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