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We want to give each of our artists the best change to get hired on voicfy. Our A.I. voice search algorythm collects all your data to provide the best result for the customer. This does not only mean that your voice matches the requirements of the client. We also include the commitment of the actors in our voice score.

For example, we measure whether you respond to all requests and whether you submit your offers within the given time.

In this way we want to ensure that the customers get the service they want.

Each time you login we will add 10% to your score for one week.

Come back once a week to show that you are ready to record.

The customers will see your online status and the are more likey choose artists that have been active.

Great! Backlink exits on your site.

Most of the customers make their decision after the first offers are received.

So it is also in your interest to submit your offer as soon as possible.

For this reason we reward the voice talents who actively participate with 10%.

You have 12 Hours to review the audition and give your quote. After this time the client can cancel the request and invite another actor to his casting.

Take care that your answer rate is above 80%!

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